Our wine and F.B. Quality Sparkling Wine Estate Schönleber has a 200 year tradition. Old records support proof  that wine growing has been in the family since 1783. The current vineyard area amounts to 10 hectares. The quality sparkling wine is produced in-house since the early nineties. Each year about 80,000 bottles of wine and 20,000 bottles of quality sparkling wine are produced.

The estate is now run by brothers Bernd and Ralf Schönleber. In order to achieve optimal results, the tasks are distributed mainly as follows:

Ralf Schoenleber
(Viticulture technician) takes care of the maintenance of the vineyards. The production of healthy grapes with reduced yield for authentic wines and sparkling wines are top priority here. Each task in the vineyard has to be executed at the right time. The harvest should take place at the highest degree of ripeness and flavor of the grapes. For this he has to know exactly the respective levels of development of each vineyard.

Bernd Schönleber
(viniculture engineer) is responsible for the development of the wines. The wines age with utmost care in his cellar. The fruit and the aroma of the grapes are to be retained. The typicality of each wine is worked out consistently. Consequently, each wine is unique. The two brothers are supported by their wives.

Susanne Schönleber is responsible for office, logistics, and sales at the winery.

Bettina Schönleber-Barenhoff
is in charge of the hotel and is responsible for all matters related to our hotel.

The senior partners Franz and Katharina Schönleber operate our hotel wine bar and give our guests in every way a pleasant stay.

The third generation is in the starting blocks.
Leon, Sophie, Marius, Anna and Lena will certainly ensure future innovation and creativity in our company.